10 Tips To Have More Like On Facebook

10 tips to have more like on Facebook

10 Tips To Have More Like On Facebook

Do you want more like on your Facebook profile?

Do you publish a lot of things on Facebook and would you like to receive the maximum of like from your contacts and friends or from your fans on your professional page?

Well here are 10 tips that will help you increase your odds! Follow these 10 tips and it could well be that you become the king of the likes on Facebook !

1. Posting touching publications on Facebook

If you’re sharing or posting touching pictures or videos, you’ll definitely touch people! They will like your Facebook posts more.

2. Use humor for more like!

Humor is good for everyone! But beware, it’s not anything that is funny and makes you laugh! Do not publish anything else you will give a wall picture to your wall! Choose some really hilarious stuff and be original!

3. Post Never seen on Facebook!

Post things that will surprise others! Never seen! Interesting science news, crisp gossip, mind-blowing images and more!

4. Invite others to share

If you publish something extra and want more like and more visibility, invite your Facebook contacts to share them with their friends!

5. Avoid publishing too many things at the same time

If you publish too many things at the same time, others will not even bother to watch. People who constantly invade the newsfeed with their tons of publications end up boring people.

6. Write a slice of personal life

Of course, your Facebook status counts! So if you write something touching or cute about your life, it is certain that people will love and click on I LOVE!

7. Write opinions Real opinions!

Your personal opinions will arouse support and appreciation from others. Of course, we must still expect some criticism or differences of opinion so be open to the opinions of others too!

8. Post personal photos on Facebook

People like to see the personal photos of others! They usually attract a lot of like on Facebook.

9. Comment on the publications of others

And yes! Since comments can also get likes, so why not try your luck! Write relevant comments and others will love it!

10. Spread good videos on Facebook

Videos are sometimes harder to receive because people do not always have the time to watch them. On the other hand, if you choose exceptional videos and in addition you specify above that they are good and that people must look at them, you will also increase your chances!