10 Tips To Find The Perfect Ball Gown


10 Tips To Find The Perfect Ball Gown

Soon The Prom and you still do not Buy your Ball Gown?

Do not worry, it’s not too late and you always have the time to find the perfect ball gown for you and your figure! 

To help you see more clearly, 10 Tips offers 10 fashion tips to find and buy the perfect ball gown. 

The 10 tips for finding the perfect ball gown:

1. A prom dress according to your complexion

Do you have a dark complexion? Rich colors are then a great idea for choosing your prom dress. Opt for example a red flamboyant dress or a pretty blue dress. 

If you have blond hair and blue eyes the rich colors are also for you as for your choice of ball gown. 

2. When to choose a dress with warm colors?

The warm colors for a ball gown or evening dress are ideal for women with pale complexion and red-brown hair. The coral is always very fashionable for a ball gown or vermilion red, a warm color perfect for the graduation party.

3. Short or long dress?

Depending on your style and taste, you will have to choose a short or long prom dress. The short dress is ideal to reveal and put in foreground your beautiful legs while the long dress will allow you to lengthen your silhouette while giving you a style more chic than the short dress. So are you shorter or longer?10 tips to find the perfect ball gown

4. A dress for pale hair

Do you have brown or blonde hair with beautiful blue or green eyes? The perfect color for your ball gown will be orange, pastel blue, bright yellow, bright red, bright colors like you!

5. Do you have strong hips?

Choosing the perfect ball gown when you have strong hips is possible. What you absolutely need to avoid is wearing a dress that emphasizes your shape. We must therefore avoid the tight dress and prefer the dress with fluid lines and materials that hide the strong hips. 

6. What dress for dark hair?

If you have black or dark brown hair you can opt for a brightly colored prom dress. Bright red and even fuchsia are ideal colors for you and your graduation dress. 

7. Are you a little round?

No matter how silhouetted, there is a perfect ball gown for you! You are round and do not know how to find and shop your dress? Of course, avoid too tight and stretchy dresses because you will put even more emphasis on your round shapes. (Of course nothing prevents you to opt for a strech dress, it’s your ball, it’s your evening)

Dresses with larger shapes may be a good idea to hide your roundness if that is your desire. Also, if you are not comfortable in a short dress, why not just wear leggings underneath? 

10 Tips To Find The Perfect Ball Gown

8. A thin waist? Which dress to buy?

For those with a thin waist but a bust and wide hips you must choose a ball gown flared at the waist so to hide somewhat your strong hips and your strong bust. A dress with a V-neck is also a good idea to showcase your pretty neckline. 

9. The perfect dress for strong shoulders

Are you one of those with broad shoulders? If so, you have a rectangular type silhouette. To diminish the effect of your strong shoulders you can choose a prom dress with a fitted top to emphasize your bust. Also, you can choose a dress with folds or use a nice wide belt to refine your size for example. 

10. A prom dress that you really like!

No matter what our advice and the tips you find here and there for choosing a prom dress, first and foremost you need to choose a prom dress that you feel good about and that truly reflects your personality. 


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