10 Tips To Become A Emo Girl

10 tips to become an emo girl

10 Tips To Become A Emo Girl

Want to become a real emo-girl?

Many young men and women adopt the emo style. It is a style both dark and colorful that has a lot of charm. Several small basic “rules” are to follow to adopt this style. So here’s how to become an emo girl.

1. Choose clothes that are both dark and colorful

The clothing style of an emo girl is very much based on black and white or the opposite, on very bright colors. The look will sometimes be dark and it will often be the accessories that will be more colorful and “flash”. Striped or mesh tights are often worn. Tight pants, lace, ripped clothes, jackets, big boots are all often worn clothes. The music group t-shirts are also connected.

2. Bet on accessories

The accessories are also very important for the emo girl style. Big dark or very colorful jewels. Skulls, hearts, stars, long and big jewels. Low knees or gloves (short or long) wool or lace. Pins in the hair or ribbons.

3. Detangle with her hair

Emo girls will often have very long hair smooth or very short in style. The hair will usually be black but sometimes blond, red or red. Very visible locks are also in vogue (blond locks on black hair, black locks on blond hair, pink locks or mauve locks). The hair will often fall on the face.

4. Have beautiful makeup

The makeup will often be very marked and dark. Eyes with a lot of black or bright colors such as mauve, pink or red. The brilliants are also fashionable. Makeup focuses mainly on the eyes, on the eyes.

5. The music

The music can be very varied. It can go through punk songs, rock, metal or even by softer and more artistic music. Groups such as The Smiths, Death Cab For Cutie or Joy Division, among others, are very popular with emo girl and emo boy.

6. The piercings

Piercings are also very fashionable. Ring on the eyebrow, nose, navel, but especially on the lower lip. The multi-piercings of ears are too.

7. Listen to your emotions

Emo means emotions . Emo people will often be very close to their emotions. They will thus reproduce them through all sorts of artistic or creative tricks. Poems, drawings, abstract art, ect.

8. Shop at the D-Tox Shop

This shop specializes in Emo fashion. Many of these stores exist in Montreal and Quebec. You will find everything to design your personal emo look.

9. Wearing tattoos

Armadillos are also common among emo people. Whether crosses, hearts, colorful drawings or even representing emotions, dreams, beliefs or music groups.

10. Have beautiful activities

Emo people will love to express themselves . They will therefore like to write, compose texts or poems, draw, listen to music, create clothes and go skateboarding and biking.