10 Tips to Remove Warts

Remove Warts

Ouachhhh, a wart on the foot!

Having one or more warts on our skin is not very pleasant. This is aesthetically not very pretty and it’s just annoying. Fortunately, there are some little tricks to help get rid of it. Here are some examples of tips to help you get rid of your warts.

1. Use clay

remove warts

When you go to sleep at night, apply on your wart a green clay pad. You can sleep with the compress to see good results the next morning.

2. Using potatoes

Another little grandmother stuff, just rub your wart with a peeled potato. Do not rub too hard, go for it gently.

3. Use celandine sap

The Celandine is known for its healing benefits. When you break the stalk of the Celandine, juice escapes and this one proves good to make disappear the warts.

4. Use cider vinegar

remove warts

Dip a cotton in a little cider vinegar and apply it on the wart for a few minutes. Repeat several times a day for a better result.

5. Concoct a mixture of onions and baking soda

Soak a piece of onion in baking soda and then rub your wart. You will see, your wart disappears quickly.

6. Use a banana peel

When you sleep at night, apply a banana peel to your wart all night. The next morning you will see some difference.

7. Using garlic

Simply rub your wart with a little garlic. Never rub too hard to avoid aggravating your wart.

8. Use a mixture of orange peel and white vinegar

Soak an orange peel in white vinegar and make a temporary dressing with the latter on your wart. An excellent anti-wart trick!

9. Using a Slug

remove warts

Put a slug on your wart and do not wash this area of ​​your body for 24 hours. This trick against warts can sometimes disgust some people.

10. Use a product in a pharmacy

Several treatments are sold at the pharmacy to remove warts. They are even sold over the counter. These are often treatments called verruca’s that you will find in the form of ointments or creams. Ask your pharmacist and he will tell you what is best for you.