10 Tips for Perfuming the Home


A good smell in your home …

Everyone wants to have a home that smells good! The good smells in a house remind us of cleanliness and freshness! It is a little more that adds much to the ambiance of the house itself!

So, if you want to have a home that always feels very good, here are some ways that will allow you to have a well-perfumed interior

1. Use fragrant candles for the home

At the store, you will find many fragrant candles! Not only do they bring a nice atmosphere to the house, but they also spread good smells!

2. Put beautiful bouquets of natural flowers everywhere

Remember how smelling it smells of flowers! So, imagine putting a few in your home, in your home! Not only will it be very beautiful for your decor, but in addition, good natural odors will twirl around your home!

3. Place potpourris on your tables

A potpourri is a mixture of bark, flowers, leaves, citrus and essential oils that serves both decoration and diffuser of good odors.

4. Turn to essential oils

42770730 – essential oil, mortar with fresh herbs and bath salt on wooden background

Essential oil is a natural oil taken from various odorous sources. You will be able to use it in several forms such as electric diffuser (that plugs in) or in instant diffuser (perfume burners).

5. Lighting incense to perfume the house

Whether in a stick or a small cone, the incense gives off a very strong smell when lit. So, choose the smell you like the most and you will not feel disturbed by your incense.

6. Cooking comfort foods, at home

Some small dishes cooked at home fill the house with good smells! For example, you could cook good spice cakes!

7. Use mint leaves

You can slip a mint leaf into your vacuum cleaner to remove the bad smells of dust to replace them with good smells of mint.

8. Orange and cloves in cupboards

To have cupboards and cupboards that smell good, hang an orange on which you will have inserted cloves.

9. Spray a good odor on your lampshades

Image result for lampshades

Spray an odorant or refreshing product on the shades of your lamps and with the heat diffused by the bulbs, good odors will emerge.

10. Have your rooms regularly ventilated

Image result for ventilated

By opening the windows, you will ventilate and it will be more refreshed in the house. The bad odors will come out of the windows and the good smells of the trees and the wind will enter inside.



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