10 Tips to Make Money on The Internet

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Make money online … Why not!

Making money on the internet is achievable, but the solutions to get there are not all good.

How about consulting free 10 tips that will help you make money on the internet, in front of your computer? So here are 10 tips to put into action to increase your chances of winning money online.Make Money, advertising revenue, Sell photos online, photographer, Selling online, classifieds sites ,

1. Internet-based surveys

A good way to make money on the internet is to complete online surveys. Paid surveys allow Internet users to earn money, but also gifts of all kinds Many paying survey firms exist on the Internet. Whether it is online surveys or paid surveys these are good ways to earn more money.


2. Sell on eBay

eBay is an auction site that allows Internet users to sell and buy from the internet various products and services. If you have old items or other things that you do not use at home, why not sell them on eBay and thus make easy money on the internet?

3. Writing articles on the internet

Did you know that the job of web editor is gaining popularity? Web writing is a great trick to make money on the internet. Many websites and virtual magazines recruit web writers, why not join their team? Web writing is a great way to make money at home.

4. Selling online, a good trick to make money

Similar to selling on eBay, classifieds sites can help you sell your old things and thus make money through the internet.

5. Create a paid blog

Another good trick to making money online is by creating your own personal blog. If you have good ideas and an ease to write articles every day, creating a blog could earn you a lot of money through advertising revenue.

6. Sell photos online

You are a professional or amateur photographer, why not sell your photos on the internet? What a good trick to make money easily on the internet than that of becoming a contributor to an online photo site such as fotolia for example.

7. Paid videos

If you like to create and make short videos of humor, reporting or other, why not create an account on YouTube. YouTube allows members with popular videos to receive money from the advertising posted in their video or on their member page. Other paid video platforms also exist on the internet.Make Money, advertising revenue, Sell photos online, photographer, Selling online, classifieds sites ,

8. Make money with Facebook

A little more unusual than other tricks, another way to make money on the internet is by selling an ad space on its Facebook page. If your Facebook page contains thousands of friends, companies might be interested in displaying their logo instead of your profile picture in your account.

9. Sell a book, an eBook on the internet

Have you ever thought of writing a little book about a topic that you are passionate about and selling it on the internet? The eBooks are very popular especially since the appearance of the iPad and other tablets allowing a better reading of digital books.

10. Open an e-shop

Finally, as the last and 10 th trick to making money online, create and launch an online store. E-commerce is the future, why not take advantage of it to launch your own virtual store?



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