10 Tips to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

 Vacuum Cleaner

Like any other appliance, a vacuum cleaner needs maintenance because it accumulates every week a lot of dirt and debris. To prevent it from breaking, it must therefore be maintained.

So, we have found 10 maintenance tips you might like. Here are our 10 tips to keep the vacuum cleaner at home.

Change vacuum cleaner filter with bag

For vacuum cleaners that have a bag, they have a filter that cannot be cleaned! However, it will have to be changed every 5 bags on average. If you use your vacuum cleaner to clean and remove small dust often it will probably change the filter of your vacuum cleaner more regularly to ensure its smooth operation.

Regular maintenance of bugless vacuum cleaner filter

For a vacuum cleaner without bag, it will be necessary to maintain its filter at least once a year. A good cleaning is also necessary for several models of filters and vacuum cleaners. Ask your dealer for maintenance.

Clean washable filters

 Vacuum Cleaner

To clean washable filters, you can disassemble them and wash them in warm water. Let them dry in the open air. You can also add some liquid soap to your warm water to thoroughly clean and remove any dirt from the filter.

Non-washable vacuum cleaner filters

If you have vacuum cleaner filters that are not washable, you will need to replace them after a certain number of months, years and or vacuum cleaner uses.

Clean the dust pan filter

The latter must be washed whenever you find it is dirty. Do not hesitate to wash it regularly to ensure proper operation of your vacuum cleaner over the years.

Changing the dust bag

 Vacuum Cleaner

The latter should be changed as soon as it is filled with dust at ¾. Waiting too long may damage the motor and mechanism of your central vacuum cleaner or portable vacuum cleaner.

Maintain the air outlet filter

It is important not to forget to also clean the filter of the air outlet. You should do this at least once a year.

The engine filters

 Vacuum Cleaner

It is rare to change the motor filter of its vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if you feel you need to do it, only once a year will be enough. You can also seek the advice of a professional who can suggest the best technique to maintain your vacuum cleaner every year.

The dust collector

The dust collector of your vacuum cleaner must be emptied and cleaned every 6 months, this is very important not to damage the vacuum cleaner

Avoid plastic bags

 Vacuum Cleaner

Never replace a dust bag with a plastic bag! This incompatibility could damage the engine! Always use the bags compatible with your model and brand vacuum cleaner.



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