10 tips on growing tomatoes


How to have beautiful tomatoes?

Having beautiful tomatoes is both practical and very pleasant. But it is even more so when these beautiful tomatoes come from our own garden. Knowing how to plant tomatoes is one thing, but making them perfect and tasty is another.

Whether it is for planting or watering tomato plants, there are several tricks to having a beautiful crop. Here are our 10 tips for having beautiful tomatoes this summer in the garden.

1. Sow your tomatoes late

To prevent the plants from being too advanced during transplanting, it is better to sow rather late. Transplanting tomato plants from 15 May is a tradition among Parisians. Of course, depending on where you live, you may have to wait until June to transplant tomato shoots.

2. Sowing Plastic Terrine

Sowing in plastic terrines allows the seedling to stay warm (at home) until the first seeds come into the world.

3. Using basil

You can plant basil between each foot of tomatoes to avoid mildew. Your tomatoes will also taste fresh basil. An excellent tip for growing good tomatoes this summer.

4. Tie tomatoes with cassette tape

The cassette tape (VHS) is surprisingly very solid. In order to secure your plants, they will be very effective. You can also use a small garden rope to attach your tomato plants in the garden. Be sure to move the rope as your plants grow to avoid damaging them.

5. Squeezing tomatoes

For tomorrow sowing, squeeze a tomato between sopalin leaves and let dry. Then, you will only have to plant the leaf between two layers of potting soil. An excellent gardening trick to promote the growth of your tomato plants.

6. Keep tomatoes in cans

In order to keep tomato harvest as long as possible in the autumn, pick the last green tomatoes and put them in a small box. Consume them as they grow. Do not leave tomatoes still green in the garden if the season ends because you risk wasting your beautiful tomatoes.

7. PVC pipes as a tutor in the garden

By installing PVC pipes as tutors, you can water directly at the feet of the plants and reuse the tutor the following year. You can drill small holes at the base of the pipes to ensure a good watering of your tomato plants.

8. Horse manure for beautiful tomatoes

Another thing about growing tomatoes is to mix horse manure and peat with your land. Make a hole deep enough to leave your plants and then put your super mix. You will see impressive results a few weeks later when harvesting your tomatoes.

9. Using Carnations of India

To keep aphids and diseases out of your tomato plants, simply poke carnations at the feet of your plants. With this trick, you will quickly remove the disease from your tomatoes.

10. Planting tomatoes on a bed of nettles

To have a natural fertilizer throughout the growth of your tomatoes, plant your tomatoes on a bed of fresh nettles. It is important not to put the roots in contact.



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