10 Tips to Grow Good Vegetables

Grow Good Vegetables

Shoot the good vegetables!

Would you like to make your first fruit and vegetable garden this summer? Growing vegetables can be easy or difficult depending on the way you go about it. Leeks, carrots, potatoes, spinach, beans … No matter what vegetables you want to grow in the garden you can help!

Here are 10 tips to grow good vegetables throughout the summer in your garden.

1. Grow Leeks

Grow Good Vegetables

If you want to grow nice and good leeks in your garden this summer you have to plant them close to your carrot plants. The leek and carrot are two vegetables that like to grow next to each other in the garden.

2. Watch out for slugs

Grow Good Vegetables

Of course, you have to pay attention to insects and especially to slugs. Slugs are real threats to the growth of your vegetables in the garden. Several anti-slug tricks exist to stop having them in the garden.

To find out how to eliminate these unwanted insects from the garden, go to the page of 10 anti-slug tricks.

3. Good watering in dry weather

If the weather is very dry, it is very important to water your vegetables and your garden regularly. About 3 to 4 times a week remains a must for the growth of good vegetables during a hot and dry summer.

4. Good carrots from the kitchen garden

Grow Good Vegetables

If you like carrots, know that it takes a lot of water and be patient because growing your carrots will take about 12 weeks in your garden. It is therefore very important to plant your carrot seedlings as soon as possible to ensure a good harvest at the end of the summer.

5. Grow beans

Growing beans is easy and fast! Just clean the bean shots and pay attention to the frost, as your plants may die quickly.

You can also plant several bean shots alternately, for example 10 days, to ensure a harvest throughout the summer.

6. A good lettuce in the garden

It is important to keep the soil as fresh as possible to grow lettuce in the garden. Also, pay close attention to slugs, they love the garden salad.

7. Grow onions

The onion is a vegetable that we love very much! For a good harvest simply remove the weeds to not obstruct the light as the onions need a lot of light to grow well.

8. Potatoes hate insects

Grow Good Vegetables

You have to be very careful with the potatoes, because the insects love to lodge there and nibble the inside of your good vegetables. It is important to treat your land and its potato plants against insects if you want to have a good harvest of potatoes this fall.

9. Grow spinach

Another good vegetable to consume without moderation, the spinach! To have a good harvest of spinach this summer, lots of water and especially to pay attention to slugs and snails.

10. Good beets in the garden

Grow Good Vegetables

Another pleasant vegetable to consume and to cultivate in the garden, the beetroot. But be careful to succeed in harvesting beets this summer, do not forget to transplant the leaves when they grow. If the plans are too stuck, you will miss your crop of beets unfortunately.



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