10 Tips to Get Pregnant

Get Pregnant

You decided to start a family?

Having children is the dream of many couples. Although this is a totally natural act, it is unfortunately not all women who manage to get pregnant easily. The sadness felt is then immense and the process often becomes discouraging. So here are 10 tips to get pregnant.

1. Making love as often as possible

Obviously, it is necessary to make love to get pregnant, but it is essential not to hide on the process. Making love as often as possible will increase your chances of procreating. Even if you are fertile, the percentage of immediate success is only 15 to 20%.

2. Taking care of yourself

 Get Pregnant

To be pregnant, being in good health is a major asset. To do this, one must first avoid all forms of stress! This is very important! Next, avoid tobacco, alcohol and pay close attention to the medications you are taking.

3. Take your temperature

With your temperature, it is possible to determine the best time to try to fertilize. At the pharmacy, buy a thermometer and then take your temperature, taking care to note it. Repeat the process every morning before getting up from bed and at the same time as much as possible. When you see an increase followed by a drop-in temperature, this will mean that you are in a period of ovulation. There are several ways to take its temperature. Talk to your pharmacist about the best way for you!

4. Pay attention to your partner’s sperm

 Get Pregnant

This is indeed a good trick to get pregnant. In order to promote the good performance of the sperm, help your spouse to relax. Also, eat zinc, selenium, and vitamin C foods. Ask them to stay away from heat (eg, avoid tight underpants) and encourage them to move around to avoid over-seated positions.

5. Stay calm after intercourse

 Get Pregnant

When you finish your sexual relationship, avoid moving immediately. Stay in bed for 5 minutes to allow the sperm to stay in the vagina.

6. Having ovarian stimulation

ovarian stimulation

Ovarian stimulation causes ovulation. They will be practiced by a gynecologist, but will have to be done with great precision to avoid hyperstimulation or multiple pregnancies.

7. Wait a little before jumping in the shower

After making love, avoid going to wash yourself immediately to prevent removing any trace of sperm that might still make its way into your body.

8. Encourage her spouse to have a daily ejaculation

Indeed, it is good for a man to have recourse to a regular ejaculation so to always have fresh sperm and always ready.

9. Using in vitro fertilization

Some couples may resort to less “natural” ways to succeed in having a child. In vitro fertilization is the conception of fertilization outside the body of the mother. That is, the encounter between the ovum and the spermatozoon will be done in test tubes and then transferred to the mother’s womb.

10. Start folic acid right away

Here is a final tip to get pregnant: prepare your body well to receive a baby with everything you both need. Folic acid provides the mother and baby with the essentials for good health and pregnancy. It is advisable to start taking folic acid 3 months before baby testing.