10 Tips to Get Less Hair


How do you get rid of hairs or fewer hair?

Hair is detested by all and more by women. We all want to have less or better yet, more hair at all! Alas, we must fight nature because the hairs are part of us and of the whole human race!

Fortunately, we are smart and we have found several ways to stop these hairs so that they do not grow back. 10 Tips 10 tips and tricks that can help you have less hair.

1. Electrolysis for less hair

Electrolysis is a technique used by estheticians to finally stop the hair so that they do not grow back. The technique consists in sending an electrical current that destroys the hair follicle. You will need 7 or 8 electrolysis sessions before the hair is completely wiped out and each session can cost around $ 30 to $ 60 an hour.

This is undoubtedly the best tip for not having any hairs on the legs or elsewhere on the body.

2. Use laser to remove hair

Graduated technicians in laser hair removal will take care of giving you the treatments to remove the hair. These treatments consist in destroying the follicle of the hairs thanks to a diode laser. You will need 8 to 10 sessions and the prices are quite high. You could pay up to $ 200 for a half leg. But in the end, you will gain precious time because the hairs do not grow anymore with this technique.

3. Avoid shaving or depilatory creams

Shaving or depilating will be a good way to temporarily remove hair, but they will grow back very quickly and will be even stronger and thicker and therefore more difficult to remove. So, if you want to have less hair, it is better to find other hair removal techniques than shaving or depilatory creams.

4. Choosing waxing

Waxing will be good to have less hair because first, they will take longer to repel. Then, when you remove your hairs thanks to the wax, it is the whole hair that will tear, including the follicle too. This means that the hair will take longer to repel and will be a little thinner.

If you had to choose between the technique of waxing and shaving it is more advantageous to use the technique of wax to stop the hair from growing quickly.

5. Discolour your hair naturally

Of course, discolouring her hair will not cause you to have fewer hair. On the other hand, they will be paler and therefore less apparent due to discoloration. This means that you will feel as if you have a lot less hair on your legs, arms or face on your mustache.

In the shop, there are bleaching creams based on hydrogen peroxide which are ideal for discolouring dark hairs. This type of cream is the solution for a small dark down at the level of the mustache.

6. A mixture of fine salt and lemon juice

It would seem that to mix 5 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 teaspoons of fine salt would be very effective to have less hair. You apply the mixture to the areas that have just been depilated for 3 consecutive days. You then do it after each epilation and after several sessions the hairs will have greatly diminished.

An excellent home-made recipe for no longer having hair on the legs, arms, mustache, etc.

7. Control the level of hormones

Indeed, some people will have hormonal disruptions and because of this they will have more hair on the body. If this is the case, the only person who can help you is the doctor. So, if you think you have this kind of disorder, consult a doctor to finally have fewer hair.

8. A pumice stone for hair removal

Pumice stone is a natural tool that is used by women for centuries and centuries. You can find them in natural products shops. When you shower, put a lot of soap on the area to be removed and without rinsing, pass the pumice stone by making circular movements to remove the hair. Then rinse and repeat every time you are in the shower. Over time, your hair will become thinner and diminish greatly. A 100{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} natural tip for the hairs to grow less quickly.

9. Use hair removal

Fast and less painful, this technique of hair removal begins to be more and more widespread. The hair will be torn off with two interwoven threads. The hair growth will be slower and you will have fewer ingrown hairs with this technique to remove the hairs.

10. A hair problem persists

Some medicated products can be prescribed by the dermatologist in order to reduce the hairs of living people with big hair problems. You should consult a health professional who can assess your situation to determine the best treatment for your severe hair problem.



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