10 Tips to Get More Hair


Yes, it is possible to have more hair! Here’s how:

Sometimes people have hair too thin and too thin and other times they just do not have enough on their heads. Worse yet, many suffer from baldness and are unhappy with their situation.

1. Massage the scalp to have more hair

Massaging your scalp is good for good blood circulation. You will have a more healthy scalp and more conducive to hair formation rather than loss.

2. Make capillary baths with castor oil

The oil of Ricin is sold in store and sometimes even in pharmacy. It is known for accentuating hair growth. Simply put the oil on your scalp, massage lightly and wrap a warm towel around your head. Spend the night thus and remove it the next morning.

3. Use a pharmaceutical product

There is a prescription product that you can get in a pharmacy. It is the product Alopecy 5% which is in the form of vaporizer. Just spray on your hair.

4. Use coconut milk to have more hair

It seems that coconut milk nourishes very well the hair and the scalp and that it would therefore be excellent to favor the growth of the other hair.

5. Cut your hair during the full moon 🙂

Of course, this is a myth, but is it really only a myth or does it work? Many people believe this procedure is very effective. So, for your hair to grow in order to have more, cut your spikes on a full moon night! Who knows!

6. Beer yeast capsules for more hair

These capsules will strengthen your hair and accentuate their growth!

7. Drink milk for more abundant hair

Milk grows nails and hair! At least, it helps to keep them stronger! So, what are you waiting for to have a good glass of milk? 🙂

8. Get Extensions

The extensions will certainly allow you to have longer hair, but they will also be thicker. You will have more hair.

9. Clip a hairpiece on her hair

There are beautiful hairpieces that you can simply clip on top of your head to have more hair and especially more volume. They are made with real human hair and are sold in different colors and textures (smooth, curly, etc.).

10. Have a hair transplant for more hair 🙂

If you are suffering from baldness, you can resort to a hair transplant. This of course costs money and the procedure is not without pain. But it is an effective way to have more hair.