10 tips for CityVille in Facebook


Want more tips for CityVille? Read this!

Many Facebook fans like to play CityVille. This is a fun game where you have to build your city.For even more fun, here are some tips that will help you better enjoy the CityVille game on Facebook.

1. Request gifts in CityVille

To do this, you can call on your neighbors. First choose the items you want, open them in multiple tabs and send your requests to your friends.

2. Get the maximum bonus to raise the most money possible

To do this, you will need to have 30 items. It is therefore necessary to provide 15 doses of energy for this purpose. Then quickly click on the items to collect the most bonuses. You have to be very fast and lively.

3. Go visit his neighbors, it pays!

Go visit your neighbors every day to get energy, coins and XP. Going to visit them, you will also get 5 actions to do for them. That too is paying off in the CityVille game on Facebook!

4. Increase revenue from its businesses

To do this, you will still have a good starting amount. Then find an empty area and place a trade there. Then build the maximum of decorations around it to make you big. Repeat this process every time a business is full.

5. Use Valentine’s bonus cards

Valentine’s bonus cards are used to obtain Valentine’s Day buildings. To see the right cards, go to accrocity.com.

6. Build the factory in the CityVille game

The factory produces luxury products that make it more profitable. To complete the construction of a factory, you will need 10 objects from this list: helmet, protective bezel, mechanical arm, blue work and bowl.

7. Contact Zinga

By going to Facebook, open the game CityVille. At the bottom of the page, you will see Contact / report this application. Click on it. You will then have to choose an option. Choose the Contact CityVille Developer option.

8. Rename your city and its shops

To help you name your city and your businesses, you will need the Notary Office. You will need to gather the right materials and build the Notary Office.

9. Turn buildings

Click on the arrow that is placed above the “Build” menu and then select “Rotate”. Then click on the building and it will turn.

10. Replace roads with sidewalks

This will save you space! With CityVille, no need to put roads everywhere! You can use a lot of sidewalks as long as they are linked to at least one road.


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