10 Tips To Disinfect the Toilet

Disinfect the Toilet

Do not forget to clean the toilet thoroughly!

Toilets must be clean at all times. But of course, it takes even more than that! They must also be well disinfected! The toilet contains greatly the bacteria on them!

This is why it is important to always disinfect them well. Here are 10 tips to effectively disinfect the toilet !

1. Disinfect the toilet with white vinegar

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Pour white vinegar into the toilet and add boiling water. Let it act all night and you will have a nice clean and disinfected toilet!

2. Alcohol to be burned to disinfect

Every day, rub your toilet with a little alcohol to burn so that it is always well disinfected. It is very important to properly disinfect the toilet.

3. Bleach

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Pour some bleach into your toilet and rub it with a brush to disinfect the whole.

4. Baking soda to remove

Thanks to baking soda, you can also descaler your toilet. Pour it into the toilet and let it work.

5. Daily brushing

Clean your toilet every day with a brush. Do not wait for spots to appear.

6. Disinfect the toilet each week

Minimum once a week, disinfect your toilet with one of the methods suggested above. It is very important to disinfect the toilet as often as possible to eliminate the bacteria.

7. Place toilet paper in the toilet bowl

Before applying the products (those you will need to leave overnight), line your toilet paper bowl. It will be better for absorption.

8. Do not forget the other facets of the toilet

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You must also disinfect the handle, lid and all internal and external sides of the toilet. If you do not have alcohol to burn, you can use an antibacterial wipe.

  1. And you .. what are your tips for disinfecting your toilets? Help us to continue our 10 tips and tricks to disinfect the toilet! 🙂 



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