10 Tips to Choose a Fragrance for Women

Fragrance for Women

Many interesting perfumes for women

The perfumes of women are fabulous since they abound with good odors, delicious fragrances and sweet aromas. With all kinds of perfume that exist, it will be very easy (or difficult) to find the best for you or your girlfriend. To help you make a good choice, here are some tips that will help you choose the best woman perfume for you or to give as a gift to the woman who shares your life.

1. Choose a woman’s fragrance filled with sweetness

Fragrance for Women

If you are young, frivolous and sweet, a fragrance with light aromas will be perfect for you. Fruity odors will go well with your youthful side. The smells of flowers too could please you as a young woman.

2. Choose a woman’s fragrance with more character

If you are a woman of character, ambition and age a little more mature, you might love the more full-bodied fragrances. The perfumes of wood or spices, among others, will often be liked by older women.

3. Choosing a toilet water

Fragrance for Women

Toilet waters will be softer than perfumes. If you like less pronounced fragrances, you should love women’s eau de toilette.

4. Buy mist for the body

The body mists are small fragrances that are very discreet and last less long, but are well-liked by women who appreciate less to wear perfume.

5. Know your preferences

Ask yourself what smells you like best. Do you like citrus, spices, flowers …? By knowing this, it will be easier to make a choice and eliminate the fragrances of women who are less likely to please you.

6. Choose a perfume according to skin type

Your skin type will affect your perfume. For example, oily skin retains more perfume odors. The smoother your skin is, the less it will retain the aromas of the fragrance. If you take medications, these could also play on the end result that the perfume has on you.

7. Mixing perfumes

By being careful to tie together the same types of perfume, you can have fun mixing some perfumes or even making combinations between perfumes and fragrant creams.

8. Choosing Artisan Fragrances

Artisan Fragrances

These fragrances will be made more with raw materials and will be more daring.

9. Testing

To choose a woman’s perfume and especially before you buy it, you can do some testing on yourself. But be careful not to put too many different fragrances because you will not make the difference then! To take away the smell of the perfumes of your nostrils, sniff the smell of the coffee.

10. Request samples

Perfume shops and cosmetic counters offer free samples to people. You will be able to bring them to your home to ask the opinion of your partner.