10 Tips to Buy Cheap Winter Tires

Buy Cheap Winter Tires

Do not forget to install good tires for this winter!

When the winter arrives, you have to bring 4 good winter tires. It’s a matter of safety and common sense, but it’s also the law.

Of course, everyone knows that it is still quite expensive and that is why finding the best deals is always very interesting. So, here’s how to buy cheap winter tires for your car this winter.

1. Buy used winter tires

 Buy Cheap Winter Tires

Buying used tires is the best way to buy cheap winter tires. You will undoubtedly save hundreds of dollars! But be careful, it is better to choose its winter tires, whether new or used!

2. Making exchanges

Some contractors or individuals will agree to exchange you winter tires against for example mags or a car stereo for example. It’s worth trying.

3. Buy your winter tires from your dealer

 Buy Cheap Winter Tires

If you buy directly from your dealer, you may pay a little cheaper. Otherwise, you may save on installation costs.

4. Waiting for balances

Garages or shops often have periods of great sales on winter tires. Waiting for these opportunities could save you a lot of money for buying winter tires, but also for summer tires.

5. Buy your tires in advance

At the end of winter, winter tires often fall into specials. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity to buy your tires in advance for next winter.

6. Shop by Classifieds

You will find very good used winter tires at very good prices on the classifieds sites! For example, visit kijiji.ca to easily purchase your future tires for your car.

7. Buy in specialized wholesale tire locations

There are places where you can buy a multitude of tires at good prices. This is the case notably on the site pneusbasprix.com.

8. Shop at a Discount Tire Center

For example, you will find on the site centralpneus.fr 240 brands of winter and summer tires for sale at discount prices. So, it’s a good way to buy cheap winter tires.

9. Shop for good deals

Sometimes, some offers such as “buy two tires and get the other two free” are offered by the merchants. It’s a great opportunity to buy cheap winter tires at this time!

10. Buying winter tires in scrap metal

 Buy Cheap Winter Tires

Also called a “scrap yard”, auto scrap will allow you to find winter tires at good prices. You will have to disassemble them yourself.



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