10 Tips to Become a Trader

10 Tips to Become a Trader

To sell and buy shares!

The stock market is still booming and many of us are tempted to enter the jungle of the stock market by becoming a trader.

If the risks can sometimes be catastrophic, know that there are certain tricks not to lose to the exchange and become a good trader at home!

  1. Have a solid background in finance


To be able to swim effectively in the universe of stock exchange courses, of course, you need a good training in administration, but not just any one. A training in accounting will certainly bring you some knowledge but finance will direct you directly into the universe of shares, stock market prices, updated values ​​and many other principles revolving around the stock markets.

  1. Consult reliable documentation

Some books have been designed for the neophytes of the stock market and future traders. They will allow you to familiarize yourself with the stock market language and trader and will explain to you how the stock market market works and the foreign exchange market.

  1. Do business with a recognized broker

If you’re a beginner, the professionalism of a recognized broker will allow you to gradually integrate into the money market, provided of course, to do business with a recognized broker. You can try to do your transactions individually when you are more comfortable with the system.

  1. Consult the websites specialized in finance and trading

The world of finance can be destabilizing for some. Thus, there are websites allowing you to familiarize yourself with the stock market notions. They will put you in touch with the financial jargon and the principles of the stock market.

  1. Try stock market simulation

Market Simulations

Before embarking on the great adventure, what is to become a trader, why not try the fate by investing in the virtual stock market. Based on real values, the software will allow you to bet virtual money and you will see if your trading skills are real.

  1. Only risk limited amounts at the same time

Avoid investing all the money in your portfolio in one go that you invest in several or only one financial vehicle. This will prevent you from incurring a dry loss in case of bad investment and you will still have pennies to invest.

  1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Avoid placing your money in a single stock market in order to protect yourself against a possible fall in the value of this stock. In terms of investment, it is better to diversify your portfolio.

  1. Invest in Secure Values

Begin by investing some of your assets in secure stocks that are commonly known as good father values. Though they do not yield astounding returns, they will save you huge losses.

  1. Reinvest profits

Reinvest Profits


In order to make your investments more profitable, do not hesitate to reinvest the profits accumulated in other financial vehicles. This is what real traders do, reinvest!

  1. Master the leverage

Leverage Master

The leverage effect is one of the principles that any good trader must master in his early days. This is the value of the amount invested relative to the value of the transaction amount because there are associated costs.



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