10 Foods Never to Give to a Cat


Do you know all the foods dangerous for cats?

If you have a cat at home know that it is very important not to give anything to your pet. Some tricks and foods can be very harmful to cats, so watch out!

10 Tips Today offers you to discover 10 tips and foods to never give to a cat. 

The 10 foods to never give to her cat:

1. Never give chocolate to a cat

Chocolate is bad for cats because it stimulates the cat’s nervous system too much. These are caffeine and theobromine that are harmful to cats but also to other domestic pets, so pay attention to your dog, rabbit, hamster and others.

2. Garlic and onion

Foods Dangerous For Cats

It is also important to never give your cat the following foods: garlic, chives, onion and green onion. If your cat eats these foods he may have a deficiency in the red blood cells, it is really very dangerous for the health of your pet.

3. Especially no coffee

Foods Dangerous For Cats

Coffee is another food that should not be given to a cat because it can cause serious problems in the health of your pet. Coffee can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea in a cat and other pet.

4. Beware of your rest of beverages

If you let a glass of alcoholic beverage drag your cat might be tempted to take a few lentils. Alcohol can cause vertigo but also severe intoxication if ingested too much in the cat or dog.

5. A cat eating sushi

Foods Dangerous For Cats

Although it may seem normal to see a cat eating a raw fish it is best not to give it to him, so watch out with your sushi. Raw fish in your sushi can cause serious health problems such as thiamine deficiency.

6. Do not give yeast to a cat … NEVER!

Do not let the cat hang around the kitchen counter of yeast paste if your cat is prowling around because he could eat and have health problems. The yeast once ingested by the cat can expand and expand in your cat’s stomach which is very dangerous.

7. Grapes are dangerous for cats

Whether they are fresh or dry the grapes should never be to carry cats in the house. Grape can cause acute kidney failure in cat and other domestic animals such as dogs and rabbits for example.

8. Dairy and cat products

Did you know that milk and other dairy products should never be given to an adult cat? Several cats are intolerant to lactose, as we humans. Vomiting and diarrhea are some symptoms that can occur if your cat consumes dairy products.

9. Attention with gums and mints

Foods Dangerous For Cats

Gums, toothpastes, small pellets for fresh breath and many other sweets contain xylitol. Xylitol can cause a problem of blood sugar deficiency in dogs mainly but also in cats according to several veterinarians, so watch out.

10. Do not give chicken bones to a cat

Did you know it was dangerous to give a dog chicken bones? So, imagine now a cat! If the chicken bone would burst inside your pet it could cause the death of your cat or your dog, you imagine?



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